ProStack Plastic Pallets—the stronger, cleaner solution.

No matter what your industry or application, ProStack plastic pallets improve performance and reduce costs. Made from 100% recyclable FDA approved materials, ProStack pallets are easy to clean, reusable and recyclable—and ideal for pharmaceuticals, food processing, beverage, general industry and warehousing.


  • Rackable ProGenic® pallets features a  flow-through design that’s easy to clean and inspect.



  • Stackable ProTech® pallets are strong, durable and easily cleaned.
  • Stackable Double Leg Ratchet® (DLR) pallets offer twice the forklift damage protection of common single-wall pallets.



  • Nestable Export pallets reduce your logistics costs coming and going.


And our stackable and rackable General Purpose pallets offer economical solutions for a variety of warehousing and transportation applications.

All ProStack pallets are also available in Radiopaque or FM versions.  Or talk to us about custom designing and manufacturing pallets to meet your specific needs.  


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